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Smoore Innovative Products

Post by onlyecig on Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:26 am

A New generation Cartomizer
The New presented being Smoore Patent with advanced technological Product- Aquamizer has broken through the traditional cartomizer technology, for its special cottonless structure, and has one massive advantage over its first generation atomizer in its revolutionary new fluid feeder system, moreover its refilling process operated by automatic machine refilling.

Compared to traditional cartomizer,
Aquamizer has significant advantages:
No cotton
• No burnt smell even inhaling when there is no liquid, Safer
• More purify realistic flavors
• No any hazardous substances created as no gluing, using spot welding instead of soldering
Automatically refilling system
• More healthy and hygiene
• More accurate puffs

Wholesale Smoore Aquamizer Series


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