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Shipping Information

Post by onlyecig on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:54 pm

Note:We do not cover customs risk for orders including ejuice/Prefilled cartridges from Canada Germany Mexico Finland Turkey Denmark Singapore Brazil Thailand South Korea and Belgium.Thanks for your understanding!

How to track orders?
1.We can ship from China to virtually any address in the world including the major destinations such as USA,Russia,Europe, Janpan,Australia, etc..
2.all orders will be shipped out within 48 hours (80% within 24 hours) in business day when we get your payment.
3.we provide 4 shipping services: EMS,China registered airmail DHL and UPS. Combined shipping cost for each order will be calculated according to the shipping weight and destinations.
4.EMS(EExxxxxxxxxCN) express generally(90%) takes 4~25 business days to deliver packages to most destinations(customs). EMS express can be tracked online for all destinations.
Online tracking information is only available after the package is scanned by the post company. Considering the processing time before scanning, you can begin to track your shipping package at about 3~5 days later.
Chinese EMS website sometimes doesn't provide detailed tracking information for the pacakges. You also can track your pack at
USA(90% 5~10 business days):
UK(90% 6~10 business days):
Spain(80% 10~25 business days):
Canada(80% 7~12 business days):
Japan(95% 4~7 business days):
Korea(95% 4~7 business days):
Malaysia(90% 5~8 business days):
France(80% 7~15 business days):
Germany(80% 7~12 business days):
Finland(80% 7~15 business days):
Demark(80% 7~12 business days):
Australia(90% 5~10 business days ):
Indonesia(90% 5~10 business days ):
Switzerland(80% 7~15 business days):
Austria(90% 7~10 business days):
Other Countries,Please contact us.
6. China Registered airmail(RRxxxxxxxxxCN) generally takes 15 -60 business days to deliver package to most countries(customs).China airmail always have the lowest priority almost everywhere.If you do not have patience to wait your order,we do not suggest you to choose china registered airmail.
Japan,Korea,New Zealand 80% 10~25 business days
USA,Canada,UK 80% 15~40 business days
Russia,Ukraine,Poland,Italy,Spain 80% 20~60 business days.
Other Countries,Please contack us.
7. As for FREE SHIPPING,orders from USA, UK, Australia, Indonesia,New zealand, Japan,France, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, will be sent via EMS.orders from other countries will be sent via China registered airmail.
8.We DO NOT ship orders on WEEKENDS or national holidays.

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