Popular Electronic Cigarette Kit Hot Sale Xpower900(New)

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Popular Electronic Cigarette Kit Hot Sale Xpower900(New)

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:17 am

-The X-Power produces a TON of vapor and more puffs, with very easy inhalations, be fascinated by its unique appearance- different from general cigarette, hard to be accused as a stimulated cigarette.
-The X-Power produces consistent amount of vapor, and this does, the battery delivers RIGHT to the last hit.. the last puff is as great as the first one.
-The X-Power adopts the excellent quality & powerful capacity 900mAh battery with a manual button that lights up a light ring while supplying power to the high performance atomizer/cartomizer.

--E-cig Size: 144.5 mm(L)×15.9(D)mm
--G.W.: 300 g
--Content of battery Lithium: DC 3.7V-900mAh
--Limit voltage: 4.2V
--Charger Time: 2~3hours
--Battery Life: Up to 300 Cycles
--Puff per full battery: ≥650Puffs / ≥850 puffs
--Puffs of per Cartrige: 220 Puffs

Starter kit includes:
--2 × Rechargeable 900mAh manual Lithium battery
--1 × Atomizer
--5 × Cartridge
--1 × USB Charger
--1 × Adapter
--1 × User Manual (English)

The USB Charger has an indicator light that illuminates red when the battery is charging and changes to green when the battery is fully charged.
Please read the manual before your first use of the Xpower900 Electronic Cigarette.
Kindly remind that customers from Poland please don't buy.


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