Is tobacco solution of electronic cigarette harmful?

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Is tobacco solution of electronic cigarette harmful?

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:07 am

There are many articles discussing whether e-cigarette is harmful or not on the internet. How much harm on earth does e-cigarette bring?

Electronic cigarette has been questioned since its invention. The electronic cigarette originally invented by Chinese in 2004, is the patent of Chinese people.

After several years’ development, electronic cigarette has been improved greatly in technology.

The improvements are mainly manifested in the following aspects:
The prototype of electronic cigarette is ultrasonic atomization. When searching for the principle of electronic cigarette through the internet. You can find articles related to ultrasonic atomization.
Secondly, the first generation of electronic cigarette is controlled by mechanical switch.

The latest electronic cigarette is controlled by atomization under high temperature(less than 60 c) and airflow sensor switch with the characteristics of fast response, small size and suitable for production., which has been welcomed by many manufactures. However at present, there is not any standard for the performance of electronic cigarette. All manufactures have just made the performance of electronic cigarette according to their own feeling.

Features of electronic cigarette
The key performance includes inhalation degree, amount of smoke, lifespan of battery and cartridge.

Inhalation degree means the comparison with real smoking when you have connected the electronic cigarette, such as whether you will feel relax when you smoke. The feeling of inhalation depends on each one’s smoking habit and vital capacity.

Amount of smoke: the smoke of electronic cigarette directly relates to the feeling of smoker.
Obviously, the lifespan of battery and cartridge, mainly means the capacity of battery, which is the using time of rechargeable battery and times. The lifespan of cartridge means the times of inhalation for each cartridge. At present, there are 2 kinds of cartridges, one is disposable, and the other is recycled.
Items mentioned above are key standards. However, there are many other standards in the test before delivery. Now let’s come into whether tobacco solution of electronic cigarette is harmful or not.

The main ingredients are:
1. Propylene glycol
Appearance: colorless hygroscopic glutinous liquid, almost tasteless and odorless.
Indicator: pharmaceutical grade, industrial excellent grad, industrial first grade.

1) produce degradable memory fiber PTT used as raw material.
2) For producing pharamaceutical intermediate.
3) Used as cryoprotectants and organic solvent
2. Glycerol, also called glycerin, used as food sweet additive.

Appearance and property: colorless glutinous liquid, odorless, warm sweet and moisture-absorption.

Applications: applied in gas chromatography stationary liquid and organic synthesis and also used as solvent, gasometer and hydtrulic damping agent, softerner, nutrition for ferment of antibiotics, drier, etc.
Substances mentioned above the ingredients of tobacco solution which the content of more than 20%, and the contents of main ingredients of propylene glycol are much higher than that of glycerol. And the contents of glycerol depend on personal preference because it is sweet. Both of them are the main elements to produce smoke. And the size of smoke depends on the concentration of pure water. The contents of other ingredients are below 1.5% and mainly for preparing various flavors: all ingredients are abstracted from plants and synthesized into fragrance.

Certain amount of nicotine can be added according to the customer’s requirements. The concentrations of Nicotine in cartridge are as follows:
Super concentration: 24mg
High concentration: 16mg
Medium concentration: 11mg
Low concentration: 6mg
Zero concentration: 0mg


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