Can an e-cigarette help you quit smoking?

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Can an e-cigarette help you quit smoking?

Post by onlyecig on Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:16 am

It is a well known fact that smoking tobacco is unhealthy. Look up the statistics for tobacco related illness and death and you may rethink your decision to smoke altogether. It is known to cause a number of problems including cancer, emphysema, and other health issues. However, what if there was an alternative? Is it possible with the advancements in science and technology that we could find a healthier way to get a nicotine fix? The answer is a resounding yes! Since the invention of the electronic cigarette, people have been raving on blogs, newspapers, and even television shows about ingenuity of these clever little devices.

Electronic cigarettes can be very beneficial in a number of different ways. Probably the most important fact about these smokeless cigarettes is that when you smoke them, you won't be inhaling the tar, toxins, poisons, or any of the 4000 known cancer causing agents found in typical cigarettes. Instead of smoke you will be inhaling a vapor that contains the nicotine your body craves. This vapor will satisfy your need for nicotine and since a vapor cigarette is essentially smoked the same way as a conventional cigarette you will also satisfy the mechanical 'hand to mouth' urges. This is why the electronic cigarette is such a revolutionary invention; it's realistic, satisfying, and a whole lot healthier.

Aside from being healthier, there is another huge benefit to vapor based cigarettes. You can smoke them anywhere. Smoking bans are on the rise, everywhere you turn there is a new law being passed telling smokers when and where they cannot smoke. Public places like restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, even outdoor recreation areas are adopting strict no smoking policy. With the invention of these new devices, this is no longer an issue. Because smokeless cigarettes emit a harmless vapor instead of the poisonous smoke, you can use them anywhere that smoking is usually not allowed. You have the freedom and convenience to smoke wherever you want and whenever you want.

What do electronic cigarettes taste like? That depends on your preference. Each company will be different but 'e-cigs' come in a variety of different flavors. If realism is what you desire, most brands are available in tobacco flavor. Or if you want to try something different, there are literally dozens of different options for you to experiment with, anything from cherry to coffee. Additionally, something else that might interest you, is that these devices will not leave the nasty, lingering smell of tobacco smoke on your clothes, hair, and skin. This one advantage alone can prove to be a lifesaver for many smokers who are fed up reeking of ash and smoke.

With all the advantages associated with this brilliant new invention, it's hard to find a reason why one would not want to make the switch. If you are looking for a cleaner, healthier, more convenient way to smoke; or you are tired of smelling like an ashtray, or getting told to put out your cigarette. Then perhaps electronic cigarettes are worth looking into.


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