Nicotine and Smoking Bans

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Nicotine and Smoking Bans

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:47 am

Some scientists are of the opinion that nicotine in small amounts is good for the human body. But many people will have a different opinion on this. Actually, nicotine is a naturally occurring substance that is contained in small amounts in many food items and vegetables. The different vegetable items are potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower and bell peppers. Apart from these, eggplants and chilli peppers also have nicotine contained in it.
Nicotine is safe for use and is non-toxic when it is in its natural state. This is the case when it gets ingested through the digestive system in the form of an organic matter.
Recently it has been the subject of several medical research st udies due to its positive influence on the health of people. Other properties of nicotine include the ability to lift one’s spirits and mood, and providing help to concentrate better on a single activity. Some smokers are of the opinion that nicotine helps in improving their memory power also. Nicotine has also some part in curing diseases ranging from attention deficit disorders and depression to Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.
Even though this is the case, smoking bans are becoming all the more strong and frequent. But, research scientists have found out some easy ways to cope with nicotine cravings and smoking bans in public places. As one can see, ban on smoking can be seen anywhere; be it on planes, in the workplace, in restaurants and even in bars and pubs. These are just a few to name as there are many other places where people who are in the habit of smoking are prevented from satisfying their urges to light up a cigarette. While taking a look at smoking bans, it is a logical step to try to understand why nicotine is perceived as doing no harm. But, following the trend may land one in deep trouble.
More and more people will be encouraged to use tobacco products by citing the good aspects of nicotine. Nicotine in its organic form can inflict no harm at all since it is the 4000 odd chemicals contained in the smoke that constitute the killer elements, and not nicotine.
It is a myth that nicotine is the primary cause of diseases or death among the human population. While nicotine happens to take all the responsibility for people’s addiction to cigarette smoking, it actually does not cause any kind of diseases. Rather it is the chemical compounds that have to be held guilty for that. So, smokers satisfy their nicotine cravings by resorting to some alternatives, of which some are well known and some others soon to be well known. Some of the popular alternatives are nicotine patches, nicotine gums and inhalers or puffers. Nicotine water is the new entrant in this category. Smokers who have the urge to smoke can drink this water, and can gain satisfaction of having experienced the relief; and it is very convenient.

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